z The Moldova Harvest Has Begun! z

    Moldova Harvest was launched by Missionary Evangelist Peter Mehl, founder of Russian Harvest Ministries.  “After pioneering churches and holding over 1,900 crusades in Ukraine, the Holy Spirit has seen fit to open up another nation for us” said Peter Mehl  ~ “The nation of Moldova.”


     Our vision is to evangelize every village and town in the entire nation in five years: That’s 1,000 towns and villages! We have already launched our School of Evangelists plus have evangelism teams traveling the nation 24/7. Thousands have already come to Christ and several churches planted and we have just begun.

     Additional Goals: Evangelize every military base, police academy and hospital.

     Russian Harvest Ministries is seeking stateside churches and individuals with a Kingdom “Nation Taking” mindset who want to make a huge difference in the earth before the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

With us you are not a number ~ YOU are a partner in the Harvest!

Radical for Jesus!

Peter L. Mehl


Russian Harvest Ministries & Moldova Harvest


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Quotes From Pastors

     “This has never happened in Moldova. There has never been a school to train evangelists. Yes, we have had some evangelism courses but never a center like yours. Russian Harvest Ministries is the first of its kind.” Pastor Sasha ~ Faleshti.

     “Thank you for coming to Soroki. Our church was blessed and so many made decisions for Christ. The students from your evangelists center that you brought did a great job. You are training them well. Also, do not forget about us. Always, when you are in the area, please schedule us for an outreach.” Pastor Victor ~ Soroki

     “I am so thankful that the Lord brought Peter Mehl and his team to Moldova. It is amazing what is happening in our country since he came and now he launches a center to train evangelists. Amazing!” Pastor Vadim Misveski ~ Kagul

     “The students I sent to you to be trained in evangelism told me that the training is fantastic and that they have witnessed to more people in two weeks than in the last year.” Pastor Tudor Prokochuk ~ Ungeni

Missionary Evangelist Peter Mehl Shares the Vision~

Launch date changed to 01/01/13 and 250 crusades.

Kaaren & Olga Zelfimyan

RHM Ministry Directors in Moldova

Missionary Evangelists Peter Mehl

and Kaaren Zelfimyan ministering open air.

    Kaaren was just 16 years old when he asked me (Peter Mehl) to disciple him and train him to be an evangelist. Sixteen years have passed since then and Kaaren has come alive in his calling. He has become an evangelist of evangelists. I know of know other as serious or as on fire as he is about reaching souls for Jesus ~ and is out doing it.

     Kaaren is leading the charge for us in Moldova and innovated the Santa Claus evangelism, food package evangelism, the youth evangelism tour and together we launched the School of Evangelists.

     Kaaren has a wonderful wife, Olga, who supports him in all that he does and is often at his side helping in the crusade. They have two children, Albert and Karina.

250 Crusades in 12 Months!

     Beginning January 1st 2013 we launched the most aggressive assault on the kingdom of hell in Moldova. Our goal targeted 125 villages for two separate single day crusades during a twelve month period.

     Partnering with every Full Gospel church in the nation we saw 6,250 decisions for Christ and 10 new church plants.

     During this same time we trained up 50 new Moldovian evangelists who have been sent out into the harvest to reach their nation for Jesus. In 2014 we launched another initiative and are on target to repeat last years results.

How can you help?

     First, we invite born again Jesus loving believers to stand with us in prayer and finances. Review our Partnering, Team 1,000 and Gideon’s Army pages in this site and join us in making history in these Last Days.

     Second, we invite churches to stand with us. Sponsor a town crusade for just $1,000 or a village crusade for only $250 - $500. Sponsor a Moldovian missionary. Invite Missionary Evangelist Peter Mehl to your church to present the ministry and vision of Moldova Harvest.

     Third, contact every Missions-Minded believer and give them this website address, provide it on your Facebook page, Twitter and every social media you are part of. Together we can dramatically impact a nation for Jesus.

Strategic Initiative to Evangelize Military Bases Ready to be Launched...
Hospital Evangelism Teams being Established...
New Evangelism Materials being Written and will be Ready by 250 Crusade Initiative Launch Date...