“I'm overwhelmed and thrilled by what God is doing through Moldova Harvest in such a short period of time and in our School for evangelists. All the students are on fire and passionate about reaching others for Jesus.  The goal to impart into the lives of our students the desire to make evangelism their lifestyle has become a reality.” Evangelist Kaaren Zelfimyan

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Moldova School of Evangelists

First Graduating Class

RHM School of Evangelists Students Reach Cancer Hospital for Christ!

(By Evangelist Kaaren Zelfimyan)

     I have some exciting news: This afternoon I took the School of Evangelists students to the local hospital for cancer patients. God miraculously opened the door for the Gospel to be preached!

     When we arrived the director of the hospital came out of his office and asked us what are we doing there ~ in his hospital. After we introduced ourselves and told him the reason why we were there, he said “You don't have to go in to each room, I will gather all those who can walk or even limp in the main hall. We will even roll in beds.”

     Soon after people began to arrive. We shared the Gospel and prayed for the sick and 15 repented! People were crying... it was an emotional moment. With quivering lips one woman told us “Thank you for bringing us hope. Up to now we had none.” Our students were bold as they prayed for the sick and shared their testimonies, yet portrayed God’s love with tenderness.

Quotes from Instructors

“This school is something Moldova needed a long time ago. Peter, praise God for your obedience and passion to launch a training center like this one. It will help us to win Moldova for Jesus sooner and be much more effective as we do it.” Pastor Sasha Lukian ~ Faleshti

“I'm so thankful that I was able to be part of this school and share with students my experience in evangelism and church planting! I believe our country needs school's like this one all over, from the north to the south and east and west! Thank you for doing it in our country.” Pastor Vadim Misveski ~ Kagul

“I am amazed at what I see happening with these students. They are on fire and truly doing the works of Christ. I have been a missionary here for twenty years and this is the first school of its kind. Moldova needs centers like this one. Pastor Johanase Peterson ~ Rishkani


     “During this school I realized how much people need to hear the Good News. How hungry they really are for truth but so few are bringing them the truth of Jesus and the need to be born again. Now I have dedicated my life to share this truth.


     “My fire has been ignited for evangelism and personal witnessing. Instructors not only taught in the classroom but took us to the streets, hospitals and in villages. The Gospel came alive before my eyes. I am never going back but will live this new life of fire!”


     “This School of Evangelists totally changed my life. My understanding about my personal evangelism has been turned upside down. Sharing my faith has become a lifestyle as well as team ministry to reach people in villages for Jesus.”


     “Before I came to this school I knew that I was called to be an evangelist but I didn't know how do it practically. Now I've learned how to do personal evangelism and my desire to evangelize with my family in villages is off the chart!


     “WOW! Evangelism has now become my lifestyle. I realized that just as it is important to read your Bible and pray every day, the same is true in reaching people with the Gospel. I now sow Gospel seed every single day ~ and I am much happier!

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Peter Mehl Shares his Heart on Training!

Moldova School of Evangelists

Second Class has Begun!

Weekend Evangelism Training has begun in targeted location in Moldova. The goal is to train 1,000 believers within the next three years.

Reports will be posted soon!