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Transform a Nation

Moldova Harvest is an initiative to evangelize the entire nation of Moldova for Jesus Christ in 5 years. It was launched in 2011 by Missionary Evangelist Peter Mehl, founder of Russian Harvest Ministries.

     We have begun and thousands are already coming to Christ and churches planted. The nation is being transformed but we are just getting started.

     We are making history in Moldova and invite you to take your place in this historic effort.

     Jesus is coming soon and we must be about the Father’s business.

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RHM team leads over 100 people to Christ during a street ministry outreach.

Evangelize 1,000 villages in 5 Years...

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RHM Launches School for Evangelists in Moldova...

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Meet the Founder ~ Peter Mehl

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Transform a Village
Partnering with a National Missionary is one of the most effective ways to reach the lost world with the Gospel of Christ.Team_1,000.html
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