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Moldova Harvest


Your partnership can impact lives for eternity!

Can you imagine being greeted in heaven by hundreds—even thousands—of people who have been impacted by your efforts! This is a great motivation for partnering with Moldova Harvest. As a volunteer you carry out the Great Commission in the former Soviet Union regardless of where you live.


What is a Moldova Harvest volunteer?

Moldova Harvest volunteers have a passion to see people reached for Jesus. People that have not yet had the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. They serve by sharing the vision of Russian Harvest Ministries Moldova Harvest Initiative and its vision to evangelize a nation in 5 years.

Sharing opportunities with others...

Share with missions-minded believers, home groups, with your pastor, at your church. How about through your contact list, social networking and so much more. There are boundless opportunities for you to help expand the Kingdom. You can make a difference as you stand with us and reach thousands for the Lord.

Moldova Harvest volunteers are servants of the Lord who seek to expand the Kingdom by encouraging others to take a look at what the Lord is doing in Moldova.

Volunteering will impact You!

Yes, you will be impacted as you sense the fulfillment of walking in the ways of Jesus. Knowing your life is impacting many others for eternity. Here and around the world.

So what do I do now?

Read through the entire website, watch every video, download the free books and read the newsletters in the archive. Take some time to know for sure that you want to join the revolution to impact an entire nation for Jesus in 5 years.

Then, join the Moldova Harvest Volunteer Network and become a part of a life-changing ministry. Send us an email letting us know of your desire to join in the harvest.

Share the Ministry Newsletter: Help start a revival in your town!

The ministry monthly newsletter Harvest is a 12 page report packed full of testimonies os salvation, healing and deliverance. Stories that testify that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The more this newsletter is read and given out it creates opportunity for more believers who love the Lord to join the cause.

Youth Responding to Christ!

Help reach thousands of youth with the Gospel of salvation.

Children Responding to Christ!

1,000 villages and towns in Moldova are waiting to hear the message of salvation through Jesus. Your efforts will make a difference.

Over 70 more youth respond to Jesus!

People are spiritually starving and we have the answer to set them free. If we can get there and proclaim the Gospel they will be set free. Join the cause and help reach a nation.