Indoor Crusade Evangelism

Open Air Evangelism

Street Witnessing

Feats of Strength

Santa Claus Evangelism

Moldova Harvest is a Soul Winning Initiative to Evangelize 1,000 Villages & Towns in 5 Years ~ That’s Every Town and Village in the Entire Nation~

Youth Evangelism Tour

Food Package Evangelism

Feats of Strength Evangelism

Peter Mehl preparing to have a cement block crushed on his chest during a street outreach.

Peter Mehl lifting 1,000 pounds off the rack.

Peter blowing up a hot water bottle.
Peter and Zhenya prepare to enter the stage.
Zhenya rolls up a 2 meters long bar 9/16” thick in four circles.

Over 1,000 per month are coming to Christ through Feats of Strength evangelism outreaches.

Moldova Harvest & Evangelism

Peter Mehl Speaks on Evangelism

“We do not compromise the Word of God in any way, shape, form or fashion.

We preach that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven and that there is no other way ~ period. Jesus is our everything, our love, our Lord our King!

We do not tame down the Full Gospel message for anyone for the sake of numbers or so-called unity. Anyone that does so is at least to some extent backslide.

There is only one way to live for Jesus ~ Radical and White Hot!”

Peter Mehl

Evangelist Kaaren Zelfimyan


Food Package Evangelism

Feed a Family for a Month!

     For just $50 you can feed a poor family in a Moldovian village for a month ~ and reach them for Christ!

     As part of yet another evangelism outreach, we will evangelize five to ten Moldovian villages with food packages. This will be carried out during the winter months of January and February. How?

     We go to the mayor of the village and ask for a list of the poorest and in most need in the village. We then verify the list and then go to the homes. We give the food gifts, pray for the sick and share the Gospel.

     We launched two churches in 2011 using this method and will now make it a yearly outreach, expanding the reach every year.

     We buy all food items at wholesale and $50 will provide enough food for a typical family for a month.

     Make it a family affair to give towards this outreach every Christmas and change a family for Jesus.

This is one food pack and (two packs cover a month of food) includes noodles, rice, oil, butter, sugar, peas, caned beef, tuna and chicken plus hand and dishwashing soap.

Open Air Evangelism

Indoor Crusade Evangelism

Youth Evangelism Tour

Street Witnessing

Bagdon being mentored in the art of witnessing by Alexie, one of our team leaders.

“This was the best two weeks of my life” said Bagdon. “Next year I want to go on the Moldova tour too”.

Youth praying for a woman in a wheelchair.

     The youth prayed for many people on the streets during the Time-To-Go Summer Tour. As they did several reported of being healed. It was an amazing time of spiritual growth for all that participated in our training and outreaches.

Youth Team that Peter Mehl and Kaaren Zelfimyan Trained.

This team reached over 400 people for Jesus during just one week of street ministry! More are now being trained.

Evangelist Zelfimyan

delivers a packet of food to this needy family, shares the love of Jesus and then leads them to Christ!

Evangelist Hityaev shares Christ with two women during street ministry.

Youth swarm the stage area in response to the call from Peter Mehl to repent

from sin and turn to the Living God ~ Jesus Christ ~ and follow Him!

207 Youth Respond to the Pledge to Follow Christ!

Peter Mehl calls people to Repent of Their Sins and Follow Jesus!

Santa Claus Evangelism

  The Santa’s kept evangelizing all the way into February each year before they hung up their bright red uniforms for the season. Yet before they do they reach hundreds of people in Ukraine, Romania and Moldova for Jesus. Hearts are open, they just need someone to bring them the Good News.

     Peter Mehl told evangelist Zelfimyan that he will do most anything to reach the lost, even Santa but he draws the line if asked to dress as an easter bunny.

Evangelists dressed as Santa give the true gift of Christmas ~ the Good News of Jesus Christ.

120 Respond to Salvation in

Mustati, Moldova!

Over 500 people gather to see our Feats of Strength Outreach and in turn heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ resulting in 106 decisions for Jesus!

Youth pray for a woman in a wheel chair.