Endorsements for Russian Harvest Ministries, Peter Mehl & Moldova Harvest

Pastor Vadim  Midvetski

Pastor Tudor  Prokopchuk

     “Many new people have joined the church since your team was here. There is excitement and our own evangelism team that you inspired, is out every weekend and sometimes during the week, holding crusades in villages.

     Our people are now activated and witnessing and praying for the sick. Not just a few either but the whole church. Thank you so much”.

Pastor Vadim Midvetski / Kagul, Moldova

     “Over 70 people repented when your team was here and many more during the street witnessing. You have set us on fire and we will not let it die out.

      Also, thank you Peter for telling me that you will help us plant another church near Chishinov. We have wanted to do it for awhile but you saying that you will come and hold a crusade makes it final. We will do it. We are making the arrangements for when you return”.

Pastor Tudor Prokopchuk / Ungeni, Moldova

  "God bless Peter Mehl. He has a zeal for the lost; a hunger for the Word, a passion for prayer and a burning love for God that has consumed him. Nothing else matters to him, but the will of God.  Peter Mehl is a normal biblical Christian.

     It is sad that zealous Christians like him seem to stand out from the rest of the contemporary Body of Christ. They are like coals of fire in the midst of cold and hardened snow.

     So, those who are on fire for God tend today to be a little isolated. Those around them melt away, as those who are zealous have some sort of horrible disease. And they have.

     They are horribly dis-eased because all around them people are sinking into an everlasting hell, and few seem to care. So the laborers are still few.  May God use this book to raise up faithful and fiery laborers, whose supreme passion is the will of God..."to seek and save that which is lost." 

Ray Comfort, Author, Hell's Best Kept Secret


“The presence of Moldova Harvest is in itself an inspiration for the Full Gospel churches in Moldova. Moldova Harvest keeps the churches focused on the most important thing ~ the Great Commission!

The method the ministry uses is powerful ~ the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ but it comes in Power. I am so grateful for all who support the ministry. It is a great place to sow seed.”

Pastor Sergie Rodidyal / Comrat, Moldova

“Your ministry is such a blessing to our nation. We were praying for a miracle and you are it.

What you have accomplished in less than a year is amazing as we are seeing so many come to the Lord and new churches started.

For years we saw slow growth but not now. Everything has speeded up thanks to you.”

Pastor Sasha Lukian / Faleshti, Moldova

“The fruit of your ministry was obvious from the beginning. It is amazing how many crusades that you do and the fruit coming forth is lasting.

We look forward to a great partnership in Kingdom work and for many new churches to come forth.”

Pastor Vadim Sorokin

President of the Full Gospel Union of Churches in Moldova and missions director for Word of Faith Churches in Moldova

“Thank you for coming to Moldova. The fruit we are seeing is wonderful. New churches planted. Hundreds coming to the Lord. It is like a major breakthrough for us.

You represent the Kingdom of Heaven well and we know that this is just the beginning.

I am excited to be able to be mentored by you and work alongside you in evangelism.”

Evangelist Ivan Velinchuk

Pastor Sergie Rodidyal

Pastor Sasha Lukian

Pastor Vadim Sorokin

Evangelist Ivan Velinchuk

“I had the privilege of going to Ukraine with Peter Mehl for a church planting conference.  Peter’s perseverance, in spite of dangers and obstacles, readily portrayed his Calvary love and Holy Ghost compassion and energy to reach the lost.  I believe he has been sent by God to play a big part of the end time harvest in the former Soviet Union”. 

Pastor Jim Hessler

Senior Pastor, River of Life Church International - North Dakota

“Peter and Jill Mehl are in the vanguard of what God is doing in the former Soviet Union.  I have traveled and ministered with Brother Mehl in Ukraine and can highly recommend this ministry for its effectiveness, genuine concern, tenacity and integrity.  No individual or church can better invest missions dollars anywhere else.  Brother Mehl ministers in a Holy Ghost anointing and boldness that is uncommon and that achieves glorious results.”

Pastor Jerry Lubrano

Senior Pastor, Destiny Church - Florida

“I heartily recommend the ministry of Peter and Jill Mehl to anyone who wants to further God’s kingdom in these tremendous harvest fields.  They have the anointing, experience, integrity, vision, energy, and methods to get the job done.” 

Rev. Bob Weiner

Weiner Ministries International - Florida